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BALLARINI is one of the leading brands for non-stick cookware. The brand unites expertise in metalworking and innovative non-stick coatings with the enjoyment of Italian and international cuisine. BALLARINI is continually developing creative solutions for the modern kitchen based on its technological and culinary traditions.

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A company with a long tradition


It all began in 1889 when Paolo Ballarini started handcrafting kitchen articles from coated and tin-plated metal sheet; he also produced bird cages, graters, buckets and even lamps. Paolo Ballarini founded the company "Ballarini Paolo e Figli S.p.A." in Rivarolo Mantovano.

The BALLARINI product range comprised 200 items including cookware, pots and other utensils.

Paolo Ballarini handed over the management of the company to his son Angelo. Under the new management, the company introduced further products including, among others, Neapolitan-type coffee pots, frying pans, graters, footwarmers, bedwarmers and bathtubs.

BALLARINI manufactured non-stick cookware for the first time. Truly innovative at the time, this cookware is still displayed in the company museum today.

The first plant for applying non-stick coatings came into operation. Thanks to this expansion in capacity, it was now possible for BALLARINI to launch its products on international markets.

The fourth generation took over the management of the company.

The manufacturing facility was expanded with a plant for coating the external surfaces of pans. This made it possible for BALLARINI to manufacture very individual products: with different strengths of materials, colours and coatings.

BALLARINI expanded its manufacturing facility with an additional high-tech plant for the production of vitreous enamel. This is a top-quality, exceptionally hard, resilient and durable coating material for the exterior surface of pans which is in high demand in Germany and France.

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